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Prisma Apk: dismiss using the Instagram image affects, forget about Photoshop, Prisma apk now it’s the appropriate possibility for Prisma app/apk. sure, Prisma apk is the brand new sensation which is presently drifting anywhere during the world.Prisma APK on this aide, you’re going to find out about the impressive Prisma apk application down load technique too why the amount of downloads of this application is increasing unexpectedly.

Prisma apk
Prima app/apk is every other widely known app/apk for Android and iOS, which became propelled as of overdue. it is created for photograph channel purpose i.e for changing iOS pix. With the help of Prisma app/apk, customers can rework their specific photo into a lovable bit of resourceful paintings. All things taken into consideration, Prisma app/apk is some thing new for an iOS customers, and it an unquestionable requirement have utility for the ones people who adoration to adjust pix and transfer it in long range interpersonal verbal exchange site.

As a count of first significance, we ought to study what is Prisma app/apk unfastened down load clearly and about its additives.

Prisma Apk down load for Android device

Prisma is extra than any photo filtering or enhancing app; it makes use of superior technology which detects and examine your pics to transform them into beautiful works of art.its additionally consists of such a lot of consequences itself. so you simply must choose one in all them which u like to apply for your pics.

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Freatures of PRISMA APK/APP download
its includes plenty of outcomes and filters
its one of the fine app for image editing from now 😉
and its completely loose to apply.
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Prisma App down load and installation:
currently, the professional Prisma app down load is handiest available for all the iOS users. when you have an iPhone or iPad, you could clearly visit iTunes app marketplace and look for the app and installation without problems.

Check some cool effects

Prisma APK


prisma apk


Prisma is more than any photograph separating or altering application; it utilizes propelled innovation which distinguishes and break down your pictures to change over them into eye-getting artworks.its likewis

in the case of Android users, presently, Prisma app isn’t always available in Google Play save formally. There are some unofficial sources which can be proving Prisma.apk download file which isn’t always reputable and it is recommended no longer to download and use.

I study somewhere that this app leverages Google’s Dreamscape’s some I played with. quite neat outcomes, way beyond just filtering Prisma Apk down load

Prisma Apk download for Android and iOS
take a look at a few cool consequences

Prisma APK

PRISMA APK down load

prisma apk

Be an artist! flip your snap shots into top notch artistic endeavors:
– current artwork filters!
– lovely image consequences
– speedy sharing

Prisma transforms your pictures into artworks the use of the kinds of well-known artists: Munk, Picasso as well as global well-known embellishes and patterns. a completely unique mixture of neural networks and artificial intelligence facilitates you turn memorable moments into undying artwork.

what’s PRISMA APP?
‘Prisma‘ – A rather interesting image edit app that makes your pix appear to be artwork from some of the maximum famend artists of all time, which includes Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan and greater. presently, available inside the AppleApp shop. I had fun, letting the artists paint me Prisma Apk download 😀 here is a before and after Prisma image. Get your Prisma a laugh!The app, available most effective on iOS, uses a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to use the 33 filters that may be adjusted for depth the usage of a sliding scale, the app stated.

there is an amazing, intuitive new app called PRISMA APP that lets in you to turn images into stunning artistic endeavors. I idea a number of you might want to make “puppy artwork” with it. here are samples, with distinct filters, using my infants as subjects. certainly seek “Prisma” within the App shop and down load at no cost.

there may be an high-quality, intuitive new app called Prisma that allows you to turn snap shots into lovely artistic endeavors. I notion a number of you might like to make “pet artwork” with it. here are two samples, with exclusive filters, the use of my toddlers as subjects. sincerely seek “Prisma” within the App store and Prisma Apk down load.

As one who studied portray, it’s both interesting… & a piece depressing. I’ve made a profession out of using innovative judgment; i’ve read that the future of art is basically teaching art & layout to robots. How be quaint will hand-crafted artwork?

I examine someplace that this app leverages Google’s Dreamscape set of’s a few I played with. quite neat consequences, manner beyond simply filtering Prisma Apk download

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how to install PRISMA APK from Prisma APP free
First you need to cross APP shop!
then search PRISMA over there
you may will see app on first vicinity over there
so just download PRISMA APK
For Prisma APK For android phone.

download The Apk of Prisma App from hyperlink underneath
make sure the Unknown resources are Allowed.
set up The Prisma APK
Run the apk and begin enhancing pix to present them prisma results
Prisma apk ,Prisma app,prisma apk down load ,Prisma android loose down load Prisma apk

Prisma for Android and iOS

Download Prisma Apk for Android and iOS Free

Prisma Apk: Dismiss using the Instagram photo sways, ignore Photoshop, Prisma apk now it’s the perfect open door for Prisma application/apk. Yes, Prisma apk is the new sensation which is in a matter of seconds floating all around all through the world.Prisma APK In this helper, you are going to get some answers concerning the surprising Prisma apk application download strategy too why the amount of downloads of this application is growing quickly.

Prisma apk

Prima application/apk is another surely understood application/apk for Android and iOS, which was pushed starting late. It is made for photo channel reason i.e for adjusting iOS photos. With the help of Prisma application/apk, customers can change their one of a kind photo into a dazzling piece of inventive work. Taking all things into account, Prisma application/apk is something new for an iOS customers, and it an obvious prerequisite have application for those people who love to adjust photos and move it in long range interpersonal correspondence site.

As an issue of first significance, we ought to take a gander at what is Prisma application/apk free download truly and about its parts.

Prisma Apk Download for Android Gadget


Prisma is more than any photograph sifting or altering application; it utilizes propelled innovation which identifies and dissect your pictures to change over them into eye-getting artworks.its additionally contains such a large number of impacts itself. so you simply need to choose one of them which u like to use for your photos.

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Freatures of PRISMA APK/Application DOWNLOAD

its contains heaps of impacts and channels

its one of the best application for photograph altering from now 😉

also, its thoroughly allowed to utilize.

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Prisma Application download and introduce:

Presently, the authority Prisma application download is accessible for every one of the iOS clients. On the off chance that you have an iPhone or iPad, you can essentially go to iTunes application market and hunt down the application and introduce effortlessly.

On account of Android clients, as of now, Prisma application is not accessible in Google Play store formally. There are some informal sources which are demonstrating Prisma.apk DOWNLOAD record which is not official and it is prescribed not to download and utilize.

I read some place that this application influences Google’s Dreamscape algorithm.Here’s a couple I played with. Entirely flawless results, route past simply separating Prisma Apk Download

Prisma Apk Download for Android and iOS

Check some cool impacts
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Prisma APK


prisma apk

Be a craftsman! Transform your photographs into marvelous works of art:

– Present day craftsmanship channels!

– Staggering photograph impacts

– Quick sharing

Prisma changes your photographs into fine arts utilizing the styles of celebrated specialists: Munk, Picasso and additionally world well known trimmings and examples. A one of a kind blend of neural systems and counterfeit consciousness helps you transform essential minutes into ageless workmanship.

Prisma Apk Download for Android and iOS

Check some cool effects

Prisma APK


prisma apk

Be an artist! Turn your photos into awesome artworks:
– Modern art filters!
– Stunning photo effects
– Fast sharing

WHAT IS PRISMA Application?

“Prisma” – A somewhat intriguing photograph alter application that makes your pictures look like sketches from probably the most famous specialists ever, including Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan and then some. Presently, accessible in the AppleApp store. I had a ton of fun, giving the craftsmen a chance to paint me Prisma Apk Download 😀 Here is a previously, then after the fact Prisma picture. Get your Prisma fun!The application, accessible just on iOS, utilizes a mix of neural systems and counterfeit consciousness to apply the 33 channels that can be balanced for power utilizing a sliding scale, the application said.

There is an astonishing, natural new application called PRISMA Application that permits you to transform photographs into staggering works of art. I considered some you may get a kick out of the chance to make “pet workmanship” with it. Here are two specimens, with two unique channels, utilizing my infants as subjects. Just pursuit “Prisma” in the Application Store and download for nothing.

There is an astonishing, instinctive new application called Prisma that permits you to transform photographs into dazzling works of art. I considered some you may get a kick out of the chance to make “pet craftsmanship” with it. Here are two specimens, with two distinct channels, utilizing my infants as subjects. Basically look “Prisma” in the Application Store and Prisma Apk Download.

As one who examined painting, it’s both energizing… and somewhat discouraging. I’ve made a profession out of utilizing inventive judgment; I have perused that the fate of craftsmanship is essentially showing workmanship and outline to robots. How be interesting will hand-created craftsmanship?

I read some place that this application influences Google’s Dreamscape algorithm.Here’s a couple I played with. Quite slick results, route past simply separating Prisma Apk Download

It would be ideal if you allowed to get in touch with us

The most effective method to introduce PRISMA APK from Prisma Application free

To begin with you need to go Application STORE!

at that point seek PRISMA over yonder

you can will see application on the lead position over yonder

so simply Download PRISMA APK

For Prisma APK For android Telephone.

Download The Apk of Prisma Application from connection Beneath

Ensure the Obscure Sources are Permitted.

Introduce The Prisma APK

Run the apk and begin altering Pictures to give them prisma impacts

Container Herb Garden

A container herb garden is the easiest and most convenient way to have fresh herbs in your home. Fresh herbs have a stronger flavor and add a decorative touch to your meals. Containers allow you to grow your favorite herbs indoors and keep aggressive herbs under control outdoors.

The Benefits of an Herb Garden

A container herb garden has many benefits besides fresh herbs for cooking. Herb gardens add life to any space while enjoying the opportunity to watch your creation grow. Because herbs are relatively easy to grow, they are great starter plants for both beginners and children. You not only learn about how things grow, but the harvesting and use of the herbs as well. Herbs grown in containers are also less susceptible to diseases and insects because of their segregation.

Where to Put Them

Container herb gardens can be kept almost anywhere there is sunlight. Many herb varieties prefer twelve hours or more of sunlight each day, but many of them will still grow in as little as four hours of sunlight. Often, herbs are grown close to the kitchen or even in the kitchen window to make them convenient to use. Potted herbs can also be used outside in a window box or patio railing planter. Many herbs are drought-resistant which is makes them great in hot dry climates or if you forget to water it.
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Pokemon Go APK

Tips for Choosing Plants

Get more from your container herb garden by choosing plants that do double duty. Rosemary, safflower, sage, and much other variety of herbs have beautiful edible flowers as well as delicious herbs. The flowers are generally milder in taste for those who prefer lighter tasting foods. Certain plants such as oregano, work as a natural repellent for bugs. Growing herbs with vegetables can also enhance the natural taste of the produce.

Planting Ideas

Herbs can be planted on their own, with other herbs, or with any other plant varieties. One great combination is to plant herbs like fennel and rosemary (for color), with cinnamon and nutmeg for the scent. Impatiens can be added to the mix for a little color and edible decorations for desserts. If you would like to try a variety of herbs, a terra cotta strawberry pot is a great option for a container. The holes on the side of the pot allow you to keep the herbs separate by planting a different variety in each hole.

A container herb garden can yield yearlong herbs and spices for your kitchen. If you find that you are getting more herbs than you can use, dry it, freeze it, or give it to a friend. Herbs are relatively foolproof making them easy to start and care for while reaping many rewards.

Container Vegetable Garden

A container vegetable garden is a great option for anyone who enjoys vegetables. With the right pot, almost any vegetable can be grown without the need for a traditional backyard garden. The foliage of these plants stays for most of the growing season and some of them even have flowers early in the spring for color.


There are many benefits to having at container vegetable garden. These gardens can be kept at a comfortable height making them a viable choice for those who are unable or dislike working on their hands and knees. Container vegetable gardens are also great solutions for those who would like to garden but do not have enough space or suitable soil.

A container vegetable gardening is also a great option for gardeners with busy lifestyles. If you do not have enough time for the extra work with a traditional garden, container vegetable gardens can be maintained in minutes. The portability of these containers gives them the ability to be placed anywhere that is convenient for you. This helps you to remember them during times when your mind is on other things.

Children also benefit greatly from a vegetable container garden. Kids find great joy in seeing something grow and prosper. They also get an opportunity to learn how to start at garden as well as the steps plants take to produce fruit. Children will remember the fun they had with you while constructing and maintaining their vegetable container garden. In addition, children gain a sense of pride from having a garden of their own that is just like yours.


A container vegetable garden can contain one plant by itself, or a variety of plants in one container. Either way, these containers can be as decorative as they are functional. One great option for growing vegetables is in a large patio box. Netting, supported by large sticks or metal rods, can be placed along the back of the box. Peas can then be allowed to grow up the netting by being planted along it. Two tiny tim tomato plants can then be planted in front of the peas on either end of the box. Between the tomato plants, cilantro or pepper plants can then be grown to add color. To finish it off, plant a row of smaller vegetables such as lettuce, radishes, or carrots in the front of the patio box. Mixing these varieties together will spread out the harvest giving you a constant fresh supply of vegetables.

A mixture of plants with different foliage is the secret to a visually pleasing container. For example, ornamental grasses with long, straight leaves look impressive next to the broad dark leaves of geraniums and the fuzzy gray leaves of lamb’s ear. Garden centers are the place to go when designing a container. You have a chance to experiment with a wide variety of plants. Then, you can choose the ones you like best rather than purchasing plants you cannot use. Magazines and the internet are full of plant pictures and designs to help you on your way.

Container vegetable gardens are a nice way for you to enjoy gardening while providing you and your family (and maybe even the neighbors) with fresh, homegrown produce. Containers are easy for the elderly, great for busy people, and a wonderful learning tool for children. With the many combinations and varieties available to container gardeners, there is sure to be one you will enjoy.

An Edible Container Garden

When looking to get a little more from your gardening than just pretty blooms and foliage, consider an edible container garden. This type of garden gives you the convenience and ease of container while having the ability to enjoy fresh produce. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even edible flowers can be grown in and around your home.

Fruit and Vegetable Containers

Blueberries and lettuce are just two of the fruits and vegetables that can be grown in containers. Almost any vegetable can be grown in a container if it has enough space. Some varieties, such as tiny tim tomatoes, were developed specifically for container gardening. If you would like to try plants in a spot which doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight, try plants such as citrus, parsley, and, radishes. A few types of fruit and vegetables require special containers to be successful. Strawberries need to have a specifically designed pot with holes on the sides, while vegetables such as cucumbers simply need a larger container.

Herb Container Gardens

Herbs are another kind of edible container garden. They are not only great in your culinary creations, but they give off delicious scents into a room. The best part of growing herbs is that they require very little care outside of watering. If you end up with more than you can use, the plants can easily be divided and given as gifts. The harvested herbs can also be dried and kept in glass jars for cooking and decorating. Leftover herbs can also be frozen for use later on in the year.

Edible Flowers for you Container Garden

Edible flowers do more than just look great in an edible garden container. They are wonderful for dressing up desserts and drinks for summer get-togethers. Anise Hyssop, better known as star of Anise, gives off the scent and taste of black licorice. Cornflowers, borage, and nasturtiums look and taste great when strewn on the top of puddings or froze in ice cubes for drinks.

Water Container Gardens

Your water garden can also be used as an edible container garden. Plants such as watercress and arrowheads grow edible bulb-like growths, which are especially delicious in stir-fries. Water lilies have edible roots while the shoots of cattails can be eaten as well as the roots.

General Guidelines

When growing an edible garden container, there are a few rules that differ from decorative gardens. Caution is needed when treating plants for insects and diseases. These poisonous chemicals can enter the plants and wind up on your plate. It is best to choose natural solutions to remedy the problem. Try methods such as planting oregano in with your vegetables to get rid of insects. Pruning the affected areas or washing the plant with a mild soap and water solution will often eliminate a variety of bugs and diseases. There also needs to be sufficient room in the pot for food production. Harvesting the produce at the right time is also important. Picking the vegetables or fruit as it matures will give you the best quality food while eliminating the chance of it dropping off the plant. Picking the produce at the right time also allows the plant to focus more on new food production rather than wasting nutrients and time on over-ripening.

If you have shied away from gardening because of a lack of space for poor soil in which to grow plants, an edible container garden is the perfect solution. Produce can be grown in any sunny spot in your home and all you need is a pot, plants, and some soil to get started.

Ideas for Garden Containers

Garden containers serve as a home for your plants while adding interest to you house and yard. Containers can be as simple as a commercially purchased pot or as unique as an old kettle that has been sitting in your garage. To be a candidate for a good container, the item you chose only needs to be of adequate size and design while providing enough room for your plants to grow.

Container Style

In order to find a garden container you will be happy with, look for one that matches your tastes as well as the space in which it will be placed. The perfect container should also be large enough to be noticed without overtaking the space or getting in the way. The placement of the container will also influence your choice of container style. Hanging baskets, window boxes, and raised beds are just a few of the options available. The container should meld nicely into the space while adding to the color and feel of the area around it.

Large Garden Containers

Large garden containers are perfect for sprucing up an unused portion of your yard or patio. Rocks, brick, or treated lumber can be used as retaining walls to create a custom container in any size or shape. Pre made containers such as water troughs, children’s wading pools, or plastic tubs can be used as they are or they can be painted and decorated to make them appear fresh and original.

Due to the size and weight of large containers, they are generally considered a permanent fixture. However, if you would like to give them some mobility, heavy-duty castors can be attached to the bottom or it can be sat on a gardening dolly before filling it with soil.

Small Garden Containers

Small garden containers can be used by themselves or placed in groups for larger areas. Metal, plastic, terra cotta, and glazed pots are widely available and economical choices. To personalize them, they can be sat into something else or decorated to suit your needs. Unconventional items such as novelty mugs and old logs can also be used as garden containers, but may need a few alterations. To provide drainage, holes can be made in the bottom or materials like broken pottery can be poured into the bottom before adding potting soil. To make use of items such as wooden crates or an old wagon, pots can be sat into them or they can be lined with a tarp or heavy plastic to hold the soil and water.

A Personal Touch

To make a garden container unique, experiment with different decorating techniques. The numerous varieties of paint and decoupage mediums available at the craft store allow you to add pictures to just about any type of material. Pictures can be added to pots by cutting them out and gluing them to the side of the pot. To extend the life of your artwork, coat the item with a clear lacquer or a solution of glue and water. If you would like to add a three-dimensional look to your garden container, add items such as fabric, wreaths, or pinecones to the outside of the pot.

The right garden container is not only functional, but it also enhances the beauty of the plants and the area around it. Containers can be as simple as a plastic pot in an accent color or be intricately decorated with moss and fake bugs. There are no hard rules to follow. When you are ready for a change, redecorate the pot or simply replace it with a new one.

Busting the Top 10 Health Care Reform Act Myths

In the midst of the political debate about reforming the health care system in 2009 and 2010, a number of unfortunate myths were spread about what this reform would actually mean to individuals and their families. Since the bill was actually passed in March 2010, it’s important for people to get a real sense of what it means and what’s going to happen, so that they can prepare themselves for the changes that will occur over the next several years.

Myth: There will be ‘death panels’ deciding who deserves care and who instead be subjected to euthanasia.

Fact: This was never in the bill, and was never intended to be added to the bill. At one point there was a provision designed to compensate doctors for time spent discussing end-of-life care with those patients who wished to have the discussion. In fact, these kinds of discussions between a patient and their doctor are designed to make the patient’s wishes clear when it comes to whether they’ll be put on a ventilator or given a feeding tube. The hope is that people who are nearing the end of their lives will have the security of knowing that their wishes will be respected, no matter what their wishes are. This provision ultimately had to be removed from the bill to avoid the political arguments about ‘death panels’.

Myth: Health care is being nationalized.

Fact: While the possibility of a single-payer system was in discussion for some time, it was rejected early in the process. Instead, the bill maintains the current system of health insurance and adds as an option state-run health insurance exchanges through which individuals and small businesses will be able to purchase health insurance coverage.

Myth: Any government involvement with health care will automatically make it into a disaster.

Fact: The government has been running Medicaid and Medicare, along with care through the Veteran’s Administration, for years, and many of the same people arguing that the government’s involvement with health care would be disastrous were claiming that one of their reasons for this was the desire to protect Medicare. The people who receive health care through these programs actually have higher than average levels of satisfaction with their coverage.

Myth: Doctors will have their wages dictated to them by the government.

Fact: Currently, doctors practice privately and then decide what they bill to whoever the patient has coverage through. Often, the company then negotiates with the doctor or dictates what they’ll be willing to pay for the services. This will work the same way under the new system.

Myth: You can’t keep your private insurance.

Fact: There is nothing in the health care reform bill that would take away your private insurance. They’re only adding additional options to make sure that health care will be available, affordable, and actually purchased by a larger portion of the population. At one time they did consider the possibility of moving to a single-payer system, but this idea was dropped early in the process.

Myth: The bill cuts Medicare coverage

Fact: This is one is true, partially. While the money going into Medicare is projected to be cut, the target of the cuts is in the area of making the system more efficient. Also, people who fall into the Medicare coverage gap (often referred to as the ‘doughnut hole’) are going to begin receiving tax rebates to help them deal with the otherwise uncovered expenses. In general, Medicare’s financial situation is projected to improve under the recent health care reform.

Myth: There’ll be no choices for the kind of coverage you want.

Fact: You’ll still get to choose your coverage as you do today. If you work for an employer who offers health care benefits, you’ll pick among the plans that they offer to you (or if you don’t like those plans, you can look elsewhere). If you don’t receive health care coverage, you’ll have the option to buy it through the state-run exchanges and you’ll get to choose which of the plans on the exchange you purchase.

Myth: Health care reform is socialized medicine.

Fact: Creating a socialized system of medicine was never the intention of the reform bill, and isn’t one of the things the bill will do. While the reform does take steps to make coverage available to more people who can’t afford it, similar myths that this amounted to socialized medicine were spread during the debate over the creation of the Medicare system (and notably, even the people complaining about the evils of ‘socialized medicine’ have generally not been calling for the complete dismantling of Medicare).

Myth: You’ll pay higher taxes to cover health care reform.

Fact: The only people who are projected to pay higher taxes are those in the highest tax brackets (above $200,000 for individuals, and $250,000 for married couples filing jointly). Eventually, those receiving very expensive health care plans from their employers will also be taxed on that benefit. The vast majority of the country will not be paying any additional taxes.

Myth: Health care reform will cause health care to be rationed.

Fact: It’s already the case that health care is effectively being rationed. Only the extreme minority of the country can currently afford to directly pay for any health care they could possibly need without having to deal with whether their insurance company will give permission for a procedure or trying a particular drug. Many people currently avoid seeking care at all because they have no insurance and can’t pay for the care they need directly. In addition, when people try to use their insurance coverage they’re always in fear that the company will refuse to cover them, or come up with an excuse to cancel their policy entirely. The purpose of the health care reform bill is to address these injustices, and improve the availability of health care to everyone.

The political fight over health care reform may have confused many people about what the final bill would actually do, but now that the smoke is beginning to clear the real information is coming to light. You should do your best to familiarize yourself with the schedule for the parts of the bill to go into effect and exactly what they’ll do so that you’ll have every possible opportunity to make the decisions about health care and your finances that will best serve the well-being of yourself and your family.

How to Replace and Install Windows – part 2

The Technique
Whether you are replacing old windows or building a new room and are ready to install the windows we have the information to get you through the process. The first step in the process is to make sure you know what type windows you are going to install. The most common type today are the Low-E vinyl windows. The very next step is to measure your window sizes very carefully ( you usually need about 1/2″ to 3/4″ gap around the window for shimming and reveal purposes). Many times if you are working with an old house you will either need to modify the window framing or order custom made windows, either option will work, modifying the framing is more work and custom windows are more money so you choose your option. If your skill level is minimal it will be better to order custom made windows, you should have the seller come out and measure to limit costly errors. Well once you have decided the type of window you are going to use and the measuring is complete you are ready to start. We have provided several informational videos and articles to help you get through the job. Good Luck!

Installing a Window
In this video you will learn the whole process from cutting the old siding to remove and then retrofitting the new window. IN this video they are working with an older home that has single pane windows and shake siding. You will watch the installer mark clearance on the siding for the new shim boards while giving access to the mounting nails of the old window. Once the cut is made the installer removes the fragments of shake covering the old window and drills out the nails. With this complete the window is removed and the opening cleaned up and prepared for the new window. The depth of the siding is measured and some shim boards are cut on the table saw to frame the window making sure the frame is flush with the existing siding. The next step is to caulk the opening so that the sealing edge of the window frame has a good seal. Once caulked the window is installed and centered so that the “reveal” is the same around the whole window. Now its time to screw the window to the frame, make sure you level and square the window, placing shims to hold it in place while screwing the frame to the opening. After the window is secure you will want to caulk the entire gap around the perimeter so that you have a good insulating factor. Use trim boards if needed to frame the inside of the window and clean all finger prints. If you need more advise after watching the video please ask our experts in our forum.
How to Replace a Window
This article will take you through every step of the process from removing the old window to installing the new one. You will see in the article where they replaced an old window and by modifying the framing they installed a new vinyl dual pane window in its place. They talk a lot about insulating factors relating to the windows and window types. This is important information!  View the Article >>>
Replacing Your Window
Here is an article that covers the installation but more importantly gives a good explanation of measuring for the new unit. Look this one over carefully.  View the Article >>>
Books and DVDs
Windows and Entry Ways

This book will help you understand the differences in windows and then teach you how to replace your old ones with modern up to date windows or doors. This is good information to have on hand.
Residential Windows

This book is full of information on today’s technology and energy efficiency related to windows and their application in your home or office. If you want to understand the best windows to get for your application, you need to read this book first!

Container Gardening Ideas

The infinite number of options available for container gardens can make it almost impossible to decide on what you would like to have. Each type of container can hold any number of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, or aquatic plants. Here are at few container garden ideas to get you started.

Dressing up the Containers

Decorating the container is great container gardening idea to add a personal touch. Metal containers look interesting when they are distressed or antiqued. A pad of steel wool and a hammer can be used to add marks to the container to make it look old and well used. The metal container can then coated with a thin black paint or an antiquing medium. The paint can then be wiped with a soft cloth leaving excess paint in the marks. This highlights the marks making the container appear old and wore out.

Adding to the Container

Many other types of items can be used to decorate a container. To make a miniature trellis, look for a few sturdy sticks that are still pliable. These sticks can then be laid together and bent into a pleasing shape. To secure them, use small finish nails and matching heavy cotton thread. Statutes, glass marbles, rocks, and seashells also make great container accents. For more ideas, the craft store is a great place to find new items and new ideas.

A Water Garden

For a delightful water garden, try a fountain as a focal point. To start, use a large black tub with a cinder block sat in the center. A large terra cotta birdbath base can then be sat on the top of the cinder block after making for opposing grooves for the water to spill through and hole in the center of the birdbath base for the pump mechanism. Next, make a hole in the bottom of at large strawberry pot for the pump hose; just be sure to seal the pump holes with silicone to prevent leakage. Then, add a pot of ivy to the top of the strawberry pot and large flat slate stones in and around the fountain. The slate stones in the fountain should be underneath the holes on the side of the strawberry pot and leaning towards the center of the fountain. Finally, add a variety of aquatic plants and ceramic figurines such as fairies to finish it off.

A Traditional Garden

For those interested in a more traditional garden, try a round raised flowerbed with the walls constructed of large stones. A tall ornamental grass can be used in the center as the focal point for the container garden. Next, use a row of snapdragons in a circle around the ornamental grass. A circle of petunias can be planted next, then phlox, and so on until the garden is full.

The design and personal touches make a container an object of pride and delight. The best part is that very few components of container gardening are permanent. If you find you do not like something or ready for a change, you can move things around or add new items until you are satisfied.

How to Replace and Install Windows

Installing new windows will improve the energy efficiency of your home while adding style and elegance at the same time! Today’s windows have multiple panes (layers) and in many cases utilize a glaze to reduce the amount of the suns harmful rays that penetrate into your room. . A Low-E coating, or glaze, on a window is almost invisible. It is composed of a “metal or metallic oxide layer” which is placed directly on the surface of the glass. This coating limits the amount of infrared radiation to the glass. This technology can keep the window pane warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer simply by choosing how the Low-E glaze is applied. In warmer climates, the Low-E glaze should be applied to the outside of the glass pane. In colder climates, the glaze should be applied to the inside of the window pane. Low-E coverings are actually a film or, a thin layer. Manufacturers usually apply the glaze to the window glass during the production process. This process can increase comfort in your home and also decrease the amount of fading from sunlight on your furniture and fabrics. A Little More About Windows: Most people enjoy their windows for the lighting, ventilation, and view they provide. They don’t realize the disadvantages that having many windows create. Windows in today’s world are recognized as “thermal weak spots”. In a house up to 15 times more heat is either lost or gained through windows as compared to what is lost or gained through an equal area of wall space. Unprotected, 1/8″ windows can account for up to 25% of wasted energy in your home as it relates to heat loss or gain. There are ways, however, to increase the energy efficiency of windows. Multiple Glazing’s – One important way to reduce energy loss through windows is to increase the number of panes, or glazing’s in your window. A single-paned, window is very inefficient. When measuring its resistance to heat we have learned that this single paned window has about an R-1 value. A double-paned window which is untreated has a rating of R-2.1, while a triple paned unit has a value of R-3.2. So you can see that the energy efficiency of a window can be more than tripled by using triple paned instead of single-paned glass. This insulating effect is created by the air spaces that is between the panes in the window. These air spaces reduce heat losses and gains through the window. Additional panes, however, increase the cost and the weight of the unit. Low-E Glass – As we talked about earlier; adding additional panes of untreated glass does increase the energy efficiency of window, but putting a special coating on the windows also increases its insulating capacity. One of the main type’s of coated glass is low-e, or low emittance, glass. This treatment can be found only on double paned windows and the coating is on a surface that faces the air space. In some of the warmer regions, the coating should be on the enclosed surface of the outside pane. This will cause heat to be reflected away from the house. Double paned windows with low-e glaze are approximately 35% more energy efficient than untreated double-paned windows. The R-value of these windows will vary from R-2.5 to R-3.5. As the R-values or energy efficiency of these windows increase so does the cost. Gas-Filled, Low-E Windows – Some window manufacturers fill the airspace in low-e windows with argon gas. Keep in mind, this gas is safe, inexpensive, and readily available. This type of gas is used because it is an inert gas that does not transfer heat as well as air.

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What You’ll Need
Installing new windows will require some specific tools to complete the job. We have provided a list of suggested tools and materials for your convenience. Keep in mind that some window sizes may need to be custom made to fit, always measure your inside dimension before purchasing your new windows

The Tools You’ll Need

Tape Measure
Laying out your project will take a little measuring, a good tape measure should be on hand to complete this job! Stanley 33-725 25-Foot FatMax Tape Measure
Crow Bar
When replacing your existing window a crow bar or pry bar will come in handy, we have provided a inexpensive but durable model. Kikkerland Bar Pry Bottle Opener
A hammer will be needed for several steps of the window replacing process, we have provided an inexpensive yet good model if you decide that you need a new one! 13
Lets face it there are very few tools that are as versatile as a cordless drill driver! These things will drill holes, they will screw in screws, you can even hook up your egg beaters to them and mix your cake batter if you want! What a tool!
Caulking Gun
Once the windows are in place you will need to caulk around the edges to keep the seal tight, here is a dependable caulking gun for the job. Newborn Brothers 930-GTD Gator Trigger Drip-Free Hex Rod Caulk Gun
Do not nail that window in place until you make sure it is level! Here is a great level for this and many other jobs!. Black & Decker BDSL10 36-Inch Gecko Grip Level with Accu Mark
The Materials You’ll Need

Here is a beautiful vinyl window with internal grids, there are many more available here if this is not exactly what you want!
This will be needed to seal the edged of the window frame once you install it, you will want to make sure that they are air tight! Red Devil 826 100% Silicone Sealant Clear Architectural Grade 50 Yr.10.1 Oz. Cartridge


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